Pre Fabricated Real Brick Slip Chimneys

Masonry Solutions brick slip chimneys offer a time saving and cost effective means of providing a pre-fabricated chimney that utilises the exact brick finish and Customer Specified detail.

The chimneys are lightweight, easy to fit and use bricks cut from the actual bricks of the building meaning that the chimney fašade is an exact match to the main structure.

We offer this real brick slip system on either a stainless steel or GRP base pre fabricated in one piece with 20mm brick slips bonded to the surface. The stainless steel option is ideal for bespoke applications where a greater degree of design flexibility is required. It also offers the option to accommodate a class 2 working flue.

We also offer a 'blank' core chimney so that it can be rendered insitu to suit rendered properties.

The three most common chimney types are illustrated opposite. We also offer a flat roof and flat to pitch roof type as standard.

We provide the designer with several standard coping and pot options and a range of standard corbel details.

We have manufactured all sizes and the most complex of designs therefore bespoke chimney requirements can quickly be quoted for upon request.

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Chimney Technical Information

To download the technical information document simply click on the link below.

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