We are experts in Masonry Fabrication and our specialist Brick Cutting factory uses the latest technology and methods to create a range of products to meet the needs of our client’s projects.

Overseeing the collection of bricks from site to final delivery we oversee the whole process to ensure a fast turnaround of your brick specials.


  • Arch Bricks

    Arch Bricks

  • Bonding Bricks

    Bonding Bricks

  • Sill Bricks

    Sill Bricks

  • Plinth Bricks

    Plinth Bricks

  • Brick Slips

    Brick Slips

  • Shelf Angles

    Shelf Angles

  • Soldier Bricks

    Soldier Bricks

  • Angle & Cant Bricks

    Angle & Cant Bricks

  • Dogleg Bricks

    Dogleg Bricks